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27 Mar

Fly London logo large


Shoe fans – ShoesieQ brings glad tidings! For her shoe shop Modish has now taken delivery of her entire new Fly collection :)   And what’s more it’s probably the most gorgeous range of theirs she’s ever seen, with a fantastic array of colours and style for pretty much every occasion.

In fact, ShoesieQ loves them so much she thinks they almost count as a work of art. Which is why she framed a few of her favourites this morning when she was having the first coffee of the day………

Esta photo frameblack oval frame








Frame bluephoto gold  frame







PLUS it would be remiss not to add that a couple of ShoesieQ’s customers have mentioned that a number of these Fly sandals are £5 to £10 cheaper at Modish than some of her competitors!  Naming no names, though one of  shops begins with a ‘J’ and ends ‘ones the Bootmaker’ whilst the other sounds like the heir to the throne combined with someone who’s had a few too many shandies saying cheers loudly and clashing glasses with everyone he/she stumble across. And btw if anyone can guess what the blimmin heck ShoesieQ’s rabbiting on about, please let her know, as she not sure if she’s being overly cryptic or just overly odd with that second clue-ette……….. :)

Discover Green Street launches tomorrow!

6 Jan

Cambridge Food Sandwich Sandwich136ShoesieQ was wandering round Cambridge one Sunday last month when she was struck by the fact that although the city was mobbed with shoppers, relatively few seemed to make it to Green Street, where (one of) her ladies shoe shop can be found.

 Now to be honest this wasn’t the first time she’d spotted this. Nor indeed was it the first time that she asked herself why on earth more people didn’t pop down and have a mooch at Green Street. Cos it’s certainly not cos it’s lacking in great place to eat and shop.  In fact, and if she says so herself, Green Street is blessed with some of the best stores in town. For example, in the last 6 months, we’ve gained not one but two brilliant Interiors shops in Susie Watson Designs and Catesby’s. Open Air Outdoor shop is a Cambridge institution, not to mention the multi award winning Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. We have 4 shoe shops in the Street, 2 Hairdressers and great clothes shops in the form of Oska, White Stuff and Jigsaw.

 There’s even an amazing hat and cap shop in Lairds – a year ago they opened their first store outside London here.

 And once you’ve finished shopping we have some great places to eat and snack in Bill’s, Harriets Café and Tearooms, Bangkok City and  the delicious Chill Frozen Yogurt.

Cambridge Food Sandwich Sandwich131But this is where the story takes a twist. Cos rather than just shake her head in bewilderment, this time ShoesieQ decided that Something Must Be Done.

So the very next day she visited all 18 businesses in the street to see if they were up for working together to promote Green Street. And, dear reader, Every Single One of Them was indeed Up For It :)

To cut a long story short  we decided to kick things off  by holding a day long event on January 7th called “Discover Green Street”. There’ll be things to do from breakfast to bedtime as many of the shops and restaurants will be open late.

So in case you’re in or about Cambridge tomorrow here’s a list of what’s on offer:

Bills: 20% off retail food sales

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery: 10% off all SALE items,spend over £100 & get free silver earrings

Harriets Café: 25% off afternoon teas, all accompanied by pianist

Sundaes Bedtime Wonderland: Enjoy a cup of jasmine tea while trying on their wonderful felt and sheepskin slippers. And if you’re a size 7 you’ll get a special gift on the day

Buy a waffle special and get a free hot drink at Chill

25% off for all new clients at Directors

10% off plus free fizz after 5 at ShoesieQ’s shop Modish

Susie Watson Designs: 10% off non-sale items (excluding fabrics and throws) plus free consulations on creating your own mood board

Free glass of wine with a la carte meals at Bangkok City

Free refreshments at Jigsaw

Oska will be serving drinks and a free goodie bag with purchases (they have a half price sale at the mo)


But if you can’t make it we’ve also launched a twitter account @DiscoverGreenSt, so why not follow us to be first to know what we’re all getting up to?

REJOICE – The Average British woman now owns 21 pairs of shoes!

9 Oct
 Yesterday ShoesieQ spotted a story in the papers that truly warmed the cockles of her heart. For, to paraphrase the immortal words of D:Ream, Things are Indeed Getting Better.
Now to be fair this was a fleeting moment, as right now said papers are full of doom and gloom about all sorts of terrible world events. But still ShoesieQ grabbed hold of this one particular item of Good News, clasping it to her bosom like a long lost child, (pretending not to notice when it squirmed awkwardly).
woman-shopping-for-shoes For it seems that the average woman now owns a mighty 21 pairs of shoes!
OK, so ShoesieQ accepts that to you this may not seem like much reason to rejoice. And she suspects that, to some, this number may actually seem on the low side. In fact many of the women that ShoesieQ meets in the line of duty (ie in her shoe shop) love shoes, and unsurprisingly many of them feel that 21 is a somewhat paultry total. Then there are probably others, particularly of the male persuasion, who seem to think that  all women have  hundreds of pairs of shoes.
Imelda-Marcoss-shoes-in-1-010But as long term readers of this blog may recall a few years ago ShoesieQ spotted a survey by GoCompare stating that us British gals had an average of 19 pairs. And the good ol Co-op reported a year later that this number was now 20. So ShoesieQ was chuffed to bits to see that this fantastic upwards trend had continued to 2014 :)
And there’s more! The latest study of 2,000 women  aged 18 to 60, also found that average woman in this country:
  • Will have splashed out £6,500 on footwear by her mid 40s
  • Own an average £354 worth of unworn shoes (mainly comprising of stilettos)



  • Over 40% of our shoes are worn either once, or never!
  • 61% of us  own ‘sitting down’ shoes to be worn at a restaurant or other ‘sitting’ occasion (!)
  • 35% buy shoes they didn’t need because they were on sale (only 35%?!)
  • 30% keeping shoes simply because they look beautiful in the wardrobe
  •  20% of us are either so absent-minded women (or own so many pairs) that  they forget they have them.

Although to be fair wrt to the last point this may not be the whole story. To ShoesieQ’s highly trained shoe – antenna  it sounds a bit like when we get caught out having snuck a new pair into the house by Him Indoors. When challenged about buying yet another pair of shoes, how many of us have uttered something like:

“What, these old things? I’ve had them so long I can’t even remember!” ;)

NEWSFLASH – October 10-11th – Pop ups come to Cambridge!

8 Oct

ShoesieQ brings exciting news! Cambridge has been chosen to host the final of Test Town: a competition for  young entrepreneurs from across the UK to test out their business venture by giving them a pop up shop.  Entrants are given free trading space, development funding, mentoring support and intensive skills training and in return have to use all this help to come up with imaginative uses for our high street spaces.

And it’s all happening this weekend – the 5 shops will be open for just 2 days on Friday and Saturday!

Cool huh?!

And ShoesieQ is thrilled that Green Street (where she has her shop Modish) is the only location in Cambridge to be granted not one, but two pop ups. And even better we get not two, but THREE  young entrepreneurs!

So if you’re anywhere near Cambridge on the 11th or 12th please please pay them a visit to support this fantastic initiative.

You’ll be able to find the pop ups on Green Street at No.14 which will host Violet Lilly Vintage Clothing and Zymurgorium and next door but one to Modish at No.5 TigerPrint Tees.

In case you’re wondering, TigerPrint Tees will be doing a pop-up jungle coffee shop for kids is trying to save the high street and encourage creative kids. Kids can design t-shirts, badges, mugs, bags, bowls & more. Sounds good eh?!

Violet Lilly, on the other hand, are all about handpicked original vintage clothing and accessories. ShoesieQ will definitely be paying them a visit! And last but not least Aaron from Zymurgorium makes his own alcoholic and soft drinks using locally sourced, foraged ingredients. He specialises in mead and unusual flavours of beers, but also makes oils and vinegars.

And if you can make it past the delights of Green St please pop in to the other pop ups at:

56A Mill Road: The Little Herbalista

4-5 Peas Hill: Bubble CreativiTea and Major London

Grand Arcade: Marsh a la Mode

Graton Centre: GoRookie.

To find out more about Test Town, including more info on the other pop ups, just click on this link

 And you can follow the Green St entrepreneurs on Twitter  at @VioletLillyx  @zymurgorium @tigerprinttees

Good luck everyone!

Susie Watson comes to Cambridge!

23 Sep

Shop Interior 5Now for those of you who have visited ShoesieQ’s Cambridge shop in the last few months, well, you might be thinking that, yet again, ShoesieQ is a bit behind on her blogging. Cos it is true that this very lovely shop has already been open for a couple of months now (well, almost 4, now she thinks about it).

But dear reader, you’d be wrong! Cos it was only last Thursday that Susie Watson herself came down to throw a bit of a bash to celebrate the opening of her latest store here on lil’ ol’ Green Street.



And hey, if the Queen can have have 2 birthdays, well ShoesieQ reckons that it’s more than fair enough that Susie Watson can have 2 launch days ;)


Anyway, Susie was joined by a whole throng of people during the day and into the evening, including our MP Julian Huppert, lots of local journalists and bloggers, and yours truly (once she’d shut up shop at 5.30pm). And we all had a lovely time in her lovely shop admiring all the very many, very lovely things, accompanied by a few glasses of fizz and some yummy canapes.

Susie Watson herself!

Susie Watson herself, with Nicky Shepard (well done Nicky – great night!)

But when all things are said and done, what is probably the most impressive thing about Susie Watson Designs is the fact that all of these very lovely things are handmade by people who are paid a living wage in parts of the world where this is not normally the case.


If you want to find out more, here’s a link to the relevant page of their website:


But really the best way to find out more is to come along to the shop! And if you do, please do pop in to say hi to ShoesieQ! :)

Look at Modish’s new Marmite boots!!

20 Sep

MarmiteNo, ShoesieQ hasn’t gone completely stark staring mad. Well, perhaps she has, who knows. But in case you were wondering why she’s decided to stock footwear made our of yeast extract, fret not.



Marmite shoe by Papucei 2


Because, as ShoesieQ is sure you’ve realised, she’s referring to the fact that these boots seem to elicit rather strong feelings. In fact, in the two short days Modish has had them, they’ve been the most talked about pair in the 7 years ShoesieQ has been in the wonderful world of shoebusiness!


Currently they are taking pride of place in the window of ShoesieQ’s shop in Cambridge. And she has watching with wry amusement at the number of people who have strolled past and  done a double take when they’ve spotted these boots.

This is usually followed by lots of finger pointing, big smiles and, more than once, a couple of photos of said boot. And then they come in and tell me either how much they adore these boots, or just how ugly they think they are!

In case you’re wondering who dreamed up such an amazing pair of boots, well they’re by Papucei, a new brand to Modish, and they’re made in Romania.

Anyway, that  just leaves one question. Namely which camp are you in? Because, so far at least, there seems to be no middle ground whatsoever with these babies!

So, pray tell – do you love love love these amazing boots? Or do you hate loathe and despise them?

Love Hate

PS If you’re in the former camp and fancy a pair you can get them from Modish Cambridge and they cost a not unreasonable £125. Oh yes, and they’re not called Marmite, but Saundra. Although ShoesieQ’s going to lobby for a rename when she see Papucei next season ;)

Le Tour de France est Arrive!

7 Jul

And Goodness me Cambridge knows about it! ShoesieQ has just spent a happy half hour wandering round the streets of our fair city and it’s already buzzing 2 hours before the start of the Race. The weather’s been kind and there’s a real party mood as you can see.

Btw special mention must go to those lovely people at Ark on St Mary’s Passage. Their window today features a podium that you can stand on and have your photo taken with a winners medal. ShoesieQ couldn’t resist as you can see below. Plus FatFace On Market St are handing out free flags – 4 of which are proudly on show in Modish’s TdF window

So –  if you’re nearby and umming and ahhing about coming to see it – stop dithering and get here! It’s busy but there’s still plenty of space for spectators, certainly near to Green Street where ShoesieQ has one of her shops. NB strongly suspect said shop will be closed from 12-1ish as the staff (ie ShoesieQ) are insisting on watching the race! And it’s times like this that ShoesieQ really appreciates being self employed as you get to make up the rules!

Hope to see you later!


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