Discovered – A Cure for the Commom Cold

29 Sep


1 Mini Cooper X

1 (Not so careful) Lady driver

1 30 minute drive to work through country lanes

1 Cd – Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age (played very very loud)

Oh yes, and before I forget

2  Beechams Flu plus caplets


  • Swallow the flu tablets. Wait 15 mins. NB You will probably feel a bit less crappy at this stage, but you’re still probably pretty miserable
  • Get into a car with a bit of umph (in my case, my lovely, lovely mini).
  • Turn up the CD player until the windows rattle with something in it that you absolutely love that rocks.
  • Take a drive along roads that twists and turns for a minimum of 15 minutes, ideally 30, to get the full benefit

E voila – your head will clear, your body will tingle and you’ll be grining from ear to ear. Or perhaps that’s just me.  Either way, surely got to be worth a go. Certainly beats shuffling along, head downcast muttering about aches and pains, lot of it about and stuff that, frankly, no-one gives a stuff about.


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