The Highs and Lows of wearing Heels

1 Oct

Research from Manchester Metropolitan University has found scientific proof for what many women have known for years – namely that those of us who wear heels all the time find it painful to wear flatties, due to the shorter muscle fibres and stiff tendon suffered by those of us addicted to Jimmy Choos and their ilk.

But there is good news – this isn’t just another of those studies, almost inevitably run by a man, that wags its finger and tut tuts, metaphorically speaking, at the vanity of womankind.  For this the research also spent some time finding ways to sort out the problem.

I’d like to think this is at least partly down to the person heading up the study, a Professor Marco Narici, who sounds like he may have more than a little Italian heritage and therefore is sympatico to a woman’s right to look hot!

For as Professor  Narici says “Fashion is intended to be uncomfortable and none of the women in the study planned to give up their high heels. So we want to give practical advice and I would recommend just doing a few stretching exercises to counteract some of the changes” (to the leg caused by wearing heels).

“One useful tip is for high heel wearers to stand on tip toes on a step and, using a handrail for balance, lower their heels as far as they can before raising them again.” Combine this with spending some time in lower heels and you’ll help combat the effects of your stiletto habit.

For the full report go to the JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY


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