Naomi, Kate, Agyness, Cindy. Meet Karen, Hannah, Penny & Kathryn!

28 Oct

Yes, at long last, the post you’ve all been waiting for.  Modish’s first outing on the catwalk!

Earlier this month my shop, Modish, joined forces with many of the finest retailers in Saffron Walden to take part in a fashion show to raise money for Wallace Cancer care.

And whilst ShoesieQ likes to think of herself as a devil-may-care, give-it-a-go kinda girl, frankly the prospect of sashaying up and down a runway in from of a few hundred people (albeit the fine folks of Saffron Walden!) was about as appealing as a cold sick sandwich.

But as you’ll see it really wasn’t all that bad. Not that bad at all! In fact my models were absolutely superb.

1st came our veteran model Hannah. Veteran in the sense that she’s done this once before – as is evident by the fact she’s the only one confident enough to do a little twirl, mid strut, despite her centre of gravity not being in the same place a normal, what with her being 7 months pregnant!

2nd off the blocks was Karen.  Oooooo, the girl has attitude – check out the hand on hip moves. We like! Karen was swiftly followed by Penny, who seems to have been born for the catwalk. I can’t tell you how hard it is to be so natural – mainly cos, as you’ll see when you get to me, I have no idea how to do it!

4th up was Kathryn. My twitter model. By which I mean this woman was only here out of the goodness of her heart having read my desperate plea on twitter for models. Was she a customer of mine? No. Had we even met before. No! But here she is, elegant and poised and about a hundred miles out of her comfort zone! Which brings us nicely onto the fifth and final, ahem, ‘model’. Ie me.  All I can say in my defence is I was absolutely terrified. As for the bit where I seem to morph into a clapped out flamenco dancer (the skirt swishing) that was in response to an suggestion from some misguided member of the audience that I ‘work it’! Not that I blame them – who would have thought that such a simple request would, in my mind, be translated into ‘ok girl, hoik up that skirt n give it some.’!

So – you lucky people – click on the link (if you dare!), sit back and enjoy. But before you do I should warn you that episode 2 will be posted tomorrow.And this time we’re in boots!


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