For crying out loud…….!

3 Nov

When I first saw this pic it just made me want to ask questions. Such as  ‘What on earth’s going on here?!’ ‘Who would wear these crimes against shumanity?’  But most of all – ‘WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY?!!!

Mind you, on reflection, ShoesieQ has to confess she has sported this, erm, ‘look’ on one occasion. The occasion in question was the morning after a heavy night before when she rolled out of bed not really knowing if it were night or day, which way up she was  – or indeed should be, and more importantly if she could make it to the bathroom without being sick. I know, classy behaviour, but I suspect I’m not the only one reading this who’s been in this particular, rather unfortunate, predicament. Anyway, I digress.

So my feet touch the ground (minor victory – I’m able to stand!) and I take my first tentative steps to the loo. And suddenly realise something is not quite right. Well, at that particular time, lots of things weren’t, to be honest – but right that very second there was something that felt very wrong indeed.

So I look down and find that somehow I’ve managed to wedge my foot in a box of tissues. The box I cleverly put by the side of the bed just before passing out the night before, congratulating myself, if I recall, on my foresight.

So I feel qualified when I tell you ‘Don’t try this at home’ Or indeed anywhere. EVER. Not even as a joke. And especially not with the hangover from hell. For, dear reader, I’m afraid I didn’t make it to the sanctuary of the bathroom, ahem, unscathed. But at least I had something close to hand to clear up the mess…….


Exhibit 1 - crmes against shumanity

It's enough to make you cry........


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