When is a shoe not a shoe……….?

17 Dec

…….. when it’s a bit of sticky back plastic/bubble wrap stuck on the sole of your foot!

But seriously, what a good idea eh? Though ShoesieQ is, as regular readers will know, a bit fond of shoes, she also loves kicking off her boots and wandering around with  (whisper it) naked feet. Though perhaps not on days like today – brrrrrrr! Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I get this more than you might think. Though I don’t know about you, but I have no plans to hang up my heels anytime soon!

Anyway, and in case you were wondering where on earth these are from, the pics are  actually taken from a Nike’s graduate project. Good of Nike to publish this, as if they take off I reckon Nike’s business may take a bit of a hit – surely they wouldn’t have the nerve to charge $00’s for sticky plastic foot covers, as opposed to the trainers they’d normally sell.

Although clever Nike for still managing to get that blimmin tick on them.

Finally thanks need to go to Paul from Rubbercheese for bringing these to Shoesieq’s attention. The least I can do in return is mention that they are really good at design stuff – check out http://www.rubbercheese.com for more info.

Nike's new dance 'shoes'?


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