How much do I love these shoes? Let me count the ways……..

13 Jan

Calling all accountants! Fed up to the back teeth of being told how damn dull you are?  Not that you’re boring, of course, or you wouldn’t be reading ShoesieQ’s blog, eh?! But it can, at best, be irksome to be tarred as a tedious human being just because of your professional calling. And this is something ShoesieQ knows all about as she used to be something in  Human Resources before she saw the light and entered the glorious world of shoebusiness.

Anyway, I digress.

So, if you’re a number monkey (!) can I suggest you pop a pair of these on when you’re next in the office or at an audit? See –  no one’s calling you boring now, are they? Especially if you’re a bloke! And what’s more I’m sure the abacus will come in handy when the battery of your calculator runs out.

Come to think of it , maybe these shoes could even be tax deductible………..?

Finally - a pair if sandals you can REALLY count on. Literally.


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