Calling all female shoeaholics in Cambridge!

18 Apr

My goodness,I’ve just spotted that my last post was on Valentine’s Day. Time really has been flying in ShoesieQ Towers. Not least cos I’ve been somewhat preoccupied by the launch of my latest shop. If all goes to plan, Modish will be opening at 3 Green St, Cambridge on Saturday May 14th. Yippppeeeee!

So,these are exciting times for ShoesieQ.  A bit stressy,but mainly exciting. & A LOT of fun.Especially on days like Saturday,when I get to team up with my bestie (step forward Ms Roberts) & get to hit the shops to find the constituent parts for a brand new window display for my brand new Modish.

So…….. cue drum roll……… here it is!

Cambridge window display
…..just add shoes!
Ok, ok – I accept that, perhaps, it isn’t really looking all that inspiring right now.  But I’ve posted it anyway as for me, in a way, it represents what Modish is all about.  We’re not big on window dressing (as you can see!). Or indeed fancy smancy shoes at fancy smancy prices (Oooops – pass the smelling salts – I appear to have temporarily morphed into my mother).
Anyway – what we DO do is great looking shoes that don’t require a second mortgage or the need to crucify your feet on the altar of Looking Hot. Oh yes, and we’re big into fun too. 
And despite all the provisos above I reckon this will turn into a pretty cool looking display. Though that’s probably not for me to say – so I promise I’ll post the final results once Modish Cambridge is open and let you be the judge of that.

One Response to “Calling all female shoeaholics in Cambridge!”

  1. annabelrob April 18, 2011 at 4:50 pm #

    Ahh – shucks!

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