Just THE cutest pic ever………

19 Apr

….unless of course you are the owner of the shoes in question!

I love this so much I’ve turned it into a sign for my shop door.  As I’ve never really understood why so many shops have notices that say ‘No Dogs (apart from Guide dogs)’ Ridiculous on so many levels. Apart from anything else, Guide dogs many be very clever, but I’ve not met one that can read yet. And anyway, I love having dogs in the shop. Apart, of course, the ones that chew shoes. Hence the choice of pic for my sign welcoming in all dogs except those who do just that.

Do you think these were a pair of, ahem, Jimmy Choos......?


One Response to “Just THE cutest pic ever………”

  1. annabelrob April 19, 2011 at 4:52 pm #

    Love it!

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