15 Jul

ShoesieQ started the day by purchasing some new Spanish shoes for her shops this morning. And, if she’s being honest, she found it a bit tricky to get her head around this particular buying session.

Now to many of you this may not even seem comment-worthy – let alone a  suitable topic for a blog. And certainly not worthy of a Shoesflash! After all, a shoe shop doesn’t just magically fill itself every few months (more’s the pity). As far as I’m aware there’s no such thing as the Shoe fairy.

No, the thing that was messing with ShoesieQ’s mind this morning was that she was looking at shoes for Spring/Summer 2012. Which somehow seems to go against the laws of something – nature perhaps – when we really haven’t yet had a summer in 2011! Yes, I know, there was that lovely spell of weather in April. But in ShoesieQ’s head, at least, that seems like an awfully long time ago.

Anyway – enough whinging about the weather – and onto the subject of the shoesflash. Namely the very good news that brogues will still be around next summer!I don’t know about you, but I was assuming that they’d have been relegated to Fashion Sibera sometime about now. But no – they’ll be gracing the feet of the fashionably shod for at least another 12 months.

And this gladdens the very cockles of ShoesieQ’s heart. For what’s not to love about a style that with get the nod from the  fash-pack, but won’t have your podiatrist foaming at the mouth? And what’s more, can be worn with impunity by everyone from age 8 to 80+.

So dear reader, I placed a small order – and here it is! In fact I placed 2. As I loved these styles so much that I’m getting them shipped over from Spain in October as well as March!


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