Just THE cutest shoes in the world!

13 Sep

Shoes fit for Cindy (rella!)

So sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks. ShoesieQ’s been a bit busy unpacking what seems like hundreds of boxes of gorgeous new shoes and boots ready for Autumn. I know, I know, dirty job, but someone’s got to do it etc………

And here are the very first pair I’ve treated myself to. And they’re hardly been off my feet since!

These babies hit this season’s trend for heeled loafers, but with a rather wonderful couple of twists.

Firstly they are, as you can see, the most beautiful deep scarlet colour. Which somehow manages to go with just about everything I’m likely to wear at this time of year (though I should add that they also come in a charcoaly black for the more practically minded souls amongst us).  And secondly they’re so unbelieveably comfortable for a 3 inch heel.

But I think the real reason that I’m head over heels for these babies is that they remind me of a pair of shoes my cindy doll used to wear.

See what I mean?


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