New Boots!!!!

17 Sep

Well, it seems that autumn has well and truly arrived. And, as per usual, ShoesieQ’s thoughts turn to just 2 things. Firstly, just how tragically addicted am I going to get to Strictly Come Dancing this year (answer is ‘very’ if last week’s show is anything to go by). And secondly – BOOOOOOOOOOTS!!!

But there’s a dilema. Which of the many wonderful boots that I so carefully selected back in February do I go for?  Because I can’t have everything. Partly for economic reasons, but also due to peer pressure. Cos when ShoesieQ told her friends of her plans to open a shoe shop all those years ago, practically ever single one of them muttered  something along the lines of that being like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. Harsh! But perhaps a little bit fair.

I know, I know, I’m not after your sympathy. After all, there are far more vexing issues facing the world at the moment, eg Libya, the potential collapse of the Eurozone, Cheryl Cole’s love life etc. Not to mention the pressure many small businesses are facing, as belts are further tightened and margins squeezed. Esp as things are going remarkably well with both my shops.

Anyway, I digress. So, dear reader, here are the pair that I chose. They’re by a fabulous young Spanish designer, Laura Villasenin, who set up her own company Miista this year.  I’ve had them just 3 days and have already been stopped in the street twice to be asked where I got my amazing boots from!

What makes them unique is they don’t have a tongue, which means that the colour of your tights or leggings peeps through the laces in the most fantastic way. Am just trying to decide what colour opaques to buy to team up with these babies. Any suggestions gratefully received.

In case you’re wondering these retail for £185, and yes, they are available in black too. I even have it in an ankle boot, also in black for £135. And all 3 versions do have a zip up the side so it doesn’t take all morning to put them on (and all night to take them off again!).

My New Boots! :o)


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