Affinity Radio Cambridge comes to Modish Cambridge: Saturday December 17th!

15 Dec

Modish gets it’s own music station for a whole day! Exciting stuff eh? Especially for a self confused music nut such as myself!

In case you’re wondering how we pulled off such a coup – well it all started a few weeks ago when ShoesieQ did something VERY unusual. And she’s even prepared to divulge the details, on this particular occassion at least!

She got up at 5.45 am ON HER DAY OFF.

I know, I know, perhaps for the most of you out there that’s not such a biggy. But ShoesieQ is really extraordinarily fond of her sleep so this required dedication and determination on her part.

“So”, I hear you ask,”What on earth was so important to get that lazy cow off her backside at such an ungodly hour?”. Well, I tell you what – it was a networking event. Yes, really! And what’s more it was SO worth it – for 2 reasons.

The 1st was that the event itself, The Very Early Lunch Club was both extremely enjoyable and extremely useful from a business sense. And if you’ve ever been to a networking meeting you’ll know most are neither!

The second is that I got to meet a number of people from Affinity Radio, Cambridge’s newest radio station. These guys are extremely interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, lets start with the name – Affinity.

Well, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (sorry Cambridge!) Affinity is defined as:

  • a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something:he had  a special affinity with horses  [or, in this case, music!]

And this is just about spot on and brings us to the main reason Affinity impressed ShoesieQ so much – namely the fact that they have an absolutely inspired music policy. This comes into it’s own for ShoesieQ after 6.00pm when they devote the station to a wide variety of specialist music shows ranging from soul and salsa to funk and local music

And in these days of increasingly bland radio I think they may be on to a bit of a winner here………..

In fact ShoesieQ liked them so much she invited them to her shop on Green Street Cambridge this Saturday, December 17th. So if, like ShoesieQ, you’ve got a face for radio, or you love music, or fancy a new pair of party shoes (or perhaps snowboots given the weather forecast) why not come along to 3 Green Street  from 10am and check them out?!

and if you’d like to find out more about VELC just click this link:


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