The Ultimate Shoe challenge – ShoesieQ v 5 inch heels!

12 May

5 inch skyscraper heels by Calvin Klein

As regular readers of this blog will know, a  couple of weeks ago ShoesieQ found herself starring as one of the, ahem, ‘models’ in the Saffron Walden Fashion Show (‘Modish shoes hit the catwalk again’ – Apr 28). And one of the pairs she popped on her tootsies to sashay down the runway were these gorgeous babies by Calvin Klein.

And they really were AMAZINGLY comfortable, despite the fact that the heels are a good 5 inches. In fact ShoesieQ was so enamoured by them that they made their way into her personal collection ;o)

So last week, on yet another rainy old day in Cambridge, ShoesieQ decided to set herself a little fashion challenge involving said CKs – which was to see just how long she could wear them for in one sitting. Or, more accurately, one standing, as working in a shop means spending a lot of time on one’s feet ;o)

Here’s a diary  of how she got on

8.30 am Drives 30 odd miles from home to the Park & Ride in Cambridge  with no problem, despite the fact I usual take off my heels to drive. But I did need to move my seat back a few inches ;o) No scuff marks either – RESULT!

9.15 am Cycles the 3 miles to my shop, Modish, in the centre of Cambridge. Only problem with this is my bike seat is now too low! But feet stay on pedals, shoes stay on feet and I feel safe. In fact I  discover that I can tuck my jeans into the elastic straps so no need for cycle clips! Though perhaps as well that I didn’t bump into the fashion police………not my best look ;o)

9.30 am – 5.30 pm Working in the shop. Am on my feet all the time with perhaps 5 mins sitting down to eat my lunch and another 5 mins off my feet to go through some paperwork. Other than that am up and down stairs all day, even at one point up a 5 foot ladder to get some boots down for a customer from the top shelf in my stockroom. Again, feel perfectly safe – not even a wobble.

6pm Cycles across to fellow Cambridge retailer Boudoir Femme who are having a Style evening. Drink a cocktail (courtesy of those lovely people from 12a) and admire their fabulous new Spring collection :o)

7.30pm Pop across to the Jolly Sailor with a friend for a bite to eat.

9.30 pm Cycle back in the pouring rain  to the Park n Ride. Shoes still look amazing despite being soaking wet.

9.45 pm – Drives home, still wearing these shoes

10.30 pm – Gets home and DOESN’T EVEN KICK SHOES OFF THEN, but admires how utterly gorgeous they are, how pretty my feet look in them etc.

For those of you who don’t know ShoesieQ, well, amongst many other things (!) she’s a gal who loves fabulous heels but is more than a little averse to the suffering that often seems to be part of the deal. So she is particularly delighted to have discovered just how wearable these are.

In fact they’re so  impressive that said friend,who doesn’t really do heels, came in on Saturday bought herself a pair too.

If you fancy trying a pair to see if they really are THAT good, we have a few left at Modish’s Cambridge branch (3 Green Street)  –  call us on 01223 354436 and we’ll even hold them for a few days if you can’t get here straight away.


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