Introducing the fabulous ‘Fab at Any Age’

16 May

Today’s post is just a quickie as ShoesieQ frantically re-arranges the shop to get all her most summery sandals out, to celebrate the fact that the big orange thing in the sky has finally made a re-appearance ;o)

Anyway, on her day off yesterday ShoesieQ caught a glance at the frankly rather shocking state of her tootsies, and decided that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. Lacking the time for a full on beauticians trip she scoured the internet for a good DIY pedi.  And the fates were certainly smiling in her as she stumbled across the rather wonderful ‘Fab at Any Age’

This little gem of a blog is written by Sharron, a 40 something mum of 4 who, in her words, writes for those of us who “didn’t want to dress like their daughters or even worse, their mothers!” We like!

And she has also written the ultimate guide to a DIY pedi:

And here are the results – featuring ShoesieQ’s feet (sorry,they’re the only ones I’ve got!) and the rather fabulous Charm Jelly Flat sandals by Holster (£29.95, in case you were wondering).  The is without doubt the best pedi I’ve ever given myself, so if you fancy pampering your feet or are looking for some great fashion tips you really do need to check out Fab at any Age.


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