Trend alert – Floral shoes!

27 Jun

Now despite the fact that ShoesieQ owns a couple of shoe shops, no-one who knows her even vaguely well would ever accuse her of being girly. Which is why she is so surprised to have taken this particular trend to heart.

Yes indeed – flowery shoes are one of the surprise hits of summer 2012!

I know, I know. It sounds too Stepford Wives-y for words. But if you can keep an open mind for a moment, take a look at these beauts.

Exhibit 1. Red flat suede sandals by Caprice

Rose sandals by Caprice, £65

Rose sandals by Caprice, £65

Now ShoesieQ looks at a lot of shoes in her line of work (yes yes,  tough job etc). But she has NEVER come across a pair quite like these. In fact they’re so striking that when ShoesieQ modelled them at a fashion show someone bought the pair she was wearing OFF HER FEET! Luckily we had another size 4 as there’s no way ShoesieQ could have coped with not treating herself to a pair of these. In fact she’s even thinking about bagging the black version ;o)

Great for: Giving yourself Rosie Toesies……………

Exhibit 2. Peach peep toe clogs by Quest

Peachy clogs by Quest - £85

Peachy clogs by Quest – £85

Another pair that made it into ShoesieQ’s personal shoe collection, these have to be one of the sexiest pairs of clogs ever seen. They’re a great heel height, really comfortable to wear (though not so good if you’ve got to run for the bus tbh!) and feature THE most exquisite embroidered flower: making them look incredibly expensive. When in fact they’re just £85.

Great for: Everything! (apart from the 100m sprint).

Exhibit 3. Canvas wedges by Toms

I’m afraid that ShoesieQ is about to demonstrate that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, she is NOT Down With The Kids. Because she’s always found Toms, well, a bit boring.

That is until she came across these beauties! The gorgeous watercolour floral print of these purple wedges is about the most interesting spin imaginable on a pair of espadrilles. And at £59 they’re not badly priced either.

In case you’re interested we stock the first two pairs at ShoesieQ’s shop, Modish and the Toms wedges can be found on their website: here’s a link:

And finally, if there are any guys reading this (unlikely, but hey!) who’d like to earn more brownie points with her indoors than you can shake a stick at, I can only recommend this as 2012’s way of  Saying  it  With Flowers……………


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