Do you have a Significant pair of shoes?

19 Oct

Perhaps you’re thinking “That’s a bit of an odd question!”. But it’s one ShoesieQ was asked about a year ago when she first met Cambridge photographer Howard Guest when he popped into Modish to talk  about footwear, and it didn’t half make her think!

The reason Howard asked was because he was working on a book called just that –  ‘Significant Shoes’. Inspired by a good friend who was recovering from cancer, Howard was intrigued by the elegant shoes she was wearing one day and that started them chatting about that age old question men often find themselves thinking. No, not that one (!) but  ‘What is it with women and shoes?’!

So to cut a long story short Howard decided to meet hundreds of women to ask them! And he’s come up with a fascinating range of answers.But the one thing that is common to everyone he spoke to is the simple fact that it’s the stories that link the shoes to the person that creates the significance, not the shoes themselves. And that every story is different.

Howard’s now put these stories on a website which is well worth a look. Last week’s in particular was a corker! It featured a remarkable young woman called Laura, whose significant shoes replaced a pair that were ruined by the Aldgate bomber on July 7th 2005. Though I’m afraid that, in all honesty, ShoesieQ has to report that this week’s tale is rather more mundane, mainly cos it features yours truly!

But seriously check out Howard’s site

And in case you were wondering what shoes ShoesieQ chose and don’t have time to click on the link she went for these beauties by Spanish designers Audley. But if you want to find out why, ‘fraid you’ll need to go onto Howard’s site and hover on my pic for the full story!

ShoesieQ’s significant other…………


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