Modish makes it onto the telly!

18 Jan

C4And not just any old telly – oh no, we’re talking prime time CHANNEL 4! AND not just any old programme either, but a documentary hosted by the multi-talented actress/comedian and all round lovely person Sharon Horgan. The show’s called “On the Verge of a Midlife Crisis with Sharon Horgan” and features six women who have gone through midlife crises to find out what happened and how they coped.

You know how everyone is supposed to have their 15 minutes of fame? Well that was mine. Apart for the 15 minute bit. More like 1.5 seconds of me. As I’m afraid C4 weren’t very interested ShoesieQ’s midlife crisis. But they WERE interested in ShoesieQ’s Cambridge shop Modish, which featured for a good 3 minutes, and was made to look utterly beautiful thanks to the tender ministrations of producer Chloe Thomas and her lovely film crew.

If you’re quick you can take a quick peak via this link – the programme should be there til  February 5th 2013. Modish is part of the setting for the penultimate interview and if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing we’re on at about the 34 minute mark.


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