Why shoes are like men No. 2 – if you go hunting for them you can’t find any you fancy.

17 Oct

Shoe blog 2Tbh yesterday’s bit of shoe philosophising (namely the ones we fall madly in love with almost invariably cause us the most pain) really did wind ShoesieQ up a bit. And that’s despite the fact that she’s the one who came up with it in the first place! Odd huh? But as luck would have it, today’s blog in on much happier territory, namely the rather strange fact that if one decides that life is not complete without a certain type of shoe, sometimes it can be almost impossible to find the pair that one’s heart desires!

Having said that it’s not something ShoesieQ had ever come across until she had her very own shoe shop. This is mainly cos she has never been one for “Oooooo – am a bit short of shoes – must go shoe shopping straight away!”. And this, in turn, is because, dear reader, for most of her adult life ShoesieQ’s shoe-wardrobe has been well into 3 figures. So she really really did have several pairs for pretty much every occasion. However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t always on the look out for yet more to add to the collection and hence could often been seen staring longingly in shoe shop windows, then falling in love and buying pairs with no thought for what she needed, what they’d go with etc.

But now she has her very own shoe shop, ShoesieQ sees this phenomena on almost a daily basis.

I’m looking for XYZ, been trying everywhere, but can’t find anything” is a sadly familiar refrain, even in a shop like ShoesieQ’s, which really does cater for the vast majority of women and really does have a wide range of styles,prices etc.

And as a result ShoesieQ has come to a rather bizarre conclusion about said phenomena. Namely that somehow the shoes know when you’re looking for them. And sometimes, if they’re feeling mischievous, or the shoe goddesses aren’t smiling on you that day, they’ll hide the lot!!

And almost any woman (with the possible exception of Angelina Jolie) who’s been in the same situation, but has been looking for a man, rather than a pair of shoes, can surely concur that, in this case at least, shoes and men are pretty much the same thing!


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