Why shoes are like men No.4 – we never settle for the first one we try, even if it’s the best of the bunch

25 Oct

Shoe shopping

Now before ShoesieQ goes much further here she must stress that, in her case at least, this doesn’t apply completely. Not talking about the shoe-side here: that’s often exactly how it turns out. But, just in case ShoesieQ’s main squeeze, aka the good Dr Swain is reading – darling, darling man, you are very much the best of ShoesieQ’s, ermmmmmm, “bunch”

Actually now ShoesieQ thinks about it this point probably does prove the superiority of shoes over men. Or perhaps she means their relatively obliging nature. Cos when it comes to shoe-shopping, very few people mind if you try loads of different one and then decide to go back to the very first pair. Whereas there aren’t too many men who’d put up with that.

Though now ShoesieQ comes to think of it some more, the very people who do tend to object when you try loads of shoes on only to buy the first ones you tried are almost always male, no? 😉


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