Why shoes are like men No. 5 – we never fully trust the pretty ones

26 Oct

Pretty shoes

Pretty is as pretty does” is something ShoesieQ’s dear old mum used to say to her. Which was a bit rich as ShoesieQ’s dad was a bit of a hottie in his day!!

But even though this little saying was a tad hypocritical, for some reason it is one of the few things that mum came out with that really struck a chord with ShoesieQ. And in the past she’s applied this with equal gusto to what she’s put on her feet, and what she’s put on her, errrrrrm, arm!

Having said that, once more ShoesieQ’s main squeeze Dr Swain gets yet another honourable mention in his invaluable role of providing the exception to the rule. Cos as anyone lucky to have met him will attain, the good Doctor is more than a bit fit. And he’s also more than a bit trustworthy. Which by her reckoning makes ShoesieQ more than a lot lucky 🙂


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