Why shoes are like men No. 7 – you never really know they’ll work out until you take them home

30 Oct

Shoe blog 4

 Sure there is such a thing as love at first sight. And in the case of shoes, ShoesieQ sees this rather a lot. With the ultimate manifestation of such infatuation being when one of ShoesieQ’s customers tries on a pair that she adores so much she can’t bear to be parted from them for one moment, so ends up wearing them as she walks out of the shop.

This always makes ShoesieQ’s day, as it’s great to see someone who’s THAT happy with their new purchase. But to do this, you really do have to  be 100% sure that they’re going to be brilliant, as there’s no bringing them back if they’re not.

And surely many of us have experienced that dread in the pit of our stomachs when we wake up the next morning, and wonder whether our choice the day before was a wise one. Though perhaps this is less relevant with shoes n boots, and rather more so with menfolk……. 😉

Mind you, going back to footwear, this can work both ways. Cos ShoesieQ quite often cajoles those customers she knows well into trying shoes that she knows are particularly good, with the safety net of a full refund if she’s wrong. And not many of those pairs make it back. No sir-ee.

But none of us always get it right. And that’s why ShoesieQ’s shoe shop, Modish, gives refunds for returns that come back to us within 2 weeks. As it often takes that long to be really certain that your love is indeed true. Though we’re afraid that our money-back guarantee only applies to boots (and shoes!), and not beaux 😉


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