The 10 reasons that shoes are like men

25 Apr


sexy red shoemale model






This may surprise those of you who know her, but ShoesieQ’s been having a bit of a philosophical time of late. Though to be honest she’s not been spending every waking hour pondering what some may consider the great questions of our time. No, ShoesieQ plans to leave issues such as  “What is Dark Matter”, the existence of the Higgs Boson particle and who on earth writes Jimmy Carr’s (so-called) jokes to the likes of Professors Hawking, Cox and those eminent sages off of Heat magazine.

No, the matter that ShoesieQ’s had on her mind over the last month or so started off as one of those funny little discussions that she has in her shoe shop and just seemed to take a life of its own.

 Namely the myriad things that shoes have in common with men.

 Yes, she knows, it sounds mad. Especially bearing in mind that most blokes are famed for not having a clue about footwear whatsoever. Though to be fair, the poor souls are to be pitied. As quite apart from anything it is a well know fact that the ability to accessorise is what sets us apart from animals. And seemingly those humans ‘blessed’ with a Y chromosome.

 Anyway, having given it perhaps more thought than was strictly warranted ShoesieQ has come up with her very own Top 10 reasons why shoes are like men:

  1. The ones we fall madly in love with almost invaraibly cause us the most pain. Though perhaps more than any other item on this list there are plenty of exceptions. If you’ve got one there’s a good chance it’s a keeper.

  2. If you go hunting for them you can’t find any you fancy

  3. Size matters. Probably best to leave it at that really. Other than to add that this goes as much for width as it does length 😉

  4. We never settle for the first one we try, even if it’s the best of the bunch

  5. We never fully trust the pretty ones

  6. The ones your mum likes are never the ones you love

  7. You never really know they’ll work out until you take them home

  8. We may have good reliable ones at home, but it’s hard to not have your head turned when you see something you fancy. There’s never any harm in window shopping. As long as you don’t get your purse out!

  9. They need to love you as much as you love them. We all know that unrequited love never ends well.

    and last but very much NOT least

  10. Thinking that they’ll be perfect once you’ve broken them in is almost always a recipe for disaster!


Now ShoesieQ isn’t expecting everyone to agree with every one of these factlets. For starters, her main squeeze, the delightful Dr Swain, isn’t all that impressed with No. 1 tbh. And, in the unlikely event that he is reading this, No. 8 absolutely does not happen. Ever. Not these days at least. But she reckons there can’t be too many women out there who can’t relate to at least one…… 😉


2 Responses to “The 10 reasons that shoes are like men”

  1. Saskia December 16, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

    Nice ones! I liked it 🙂

    • ShoesieQ December 21, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

      Why thank you Saskia – much appreciated! ShoesieQ x

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