Le Tour de France est Arrive!

7 Jul

And Goodness me Cambridge knows about it! ShoesieQ has just spent a happy half hour wandering round the streets of our fair city and it’s already buzzing 2 hours before the start of the Race. The weather’s been kind and there’s a real party mood as you can see.

Btw special mention must go to those lovely people at Ark on St Mary’s Passage. Their window today features a podium that you can stand on and have your photo taken with a winners medal. ShoesieQ couldn’t resist as you can see below. Plus FatFace On Market St are handing out free flags – 4 of which are proudly on show in Modish’s TdF window

So –  if you’re nearby and umming and ahhing about coming to see it – stop dithering and get here! It’s busy but there’s still plenty of space for spectators, certainly near to Green Street where ShoesieQ has one of her shops. NB strongly suspect said shop will be closed from 12-1ish as the staff (ie ShoesieQ) are insisting on watching the race! And it’s times like this that ShoesieQ really appreciates being self employed as you get to make up the rules!

Hope to see you later!


One Response to “Le Tour de France est Arrive!”

  1. Paul Violet July 7, 2014 at 6:27 pm #

    and with your cycling prowess you weren’t competing?

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