REJOICE – The Average British woman now owns 21 pairs of shoes!

9 Oct
 Yesterday ShoesieQ spotted a story in the papers that truly warmed the cockles of her heart. For, to paraphrase the immortal words of D:Ream, Things are Indeed Getting Better.
Now to be fair this was a fleeting moment, as right now said papers are full of doom and gloom about all sorts of terrible world events. But still ShoesieQ grabbed hold of this one particular item of Good News, clasping it to her bosom like a long lost child, (pretending not to notice when it squirmed awkwardly).
woman-shopping-for-shoes For it seems that the average woman now owns a mighty 21 pairs of shoes!
OK, so ShoesieQ accepts that to you this may not seem like much reason to rejoice. And she suspects that, to some, this number may actually seem on the low side. In fact many of the women that ShoesieQ meets in the line of duty (ie in her shoe shop) love shoes, and unsurprisingly many of them feel that 21 is a somewhat paultry total. Then there are probably others, particularly of the male persuasion, who seem to think that  all women have  hundreds of pairs of shoes.
Imelda-Marcoss-shoes-in-1-010But as long term readers of this blog may recall a few years ago ShoesieQ spotted a survey by GoCompare stating that us British gals had an average of 19 pairs. And the good ol Co-op reported a year later that this number was now 20. So ShoesieQ was chuffed to bits to see that this fantastic upwards trend had continued to 2014 🙂
And there’s more! The latest study of 2,000 women  aged 18 to 60, also found that average woman in this country:
  • Will have splashed out £6,500 on footwear by her mid 40s
  • Own an average £354 worth of unworn shoes (mainly comprising of stilettos)



  • Over 40% of our shoes are worn either once, or never!
  • 61% of us  own ‘sitting down’ shoes to be worn at a restaurant or other ‘sitting’ occasion (!)
  • 35% buy shoes they didn’t need because they were on sale (only 35%?!)
  • 30% keeping shoes simply because they look beautiful in the wardrobe
  •  20% of us are either so absent-minded women (or own so many pairs) that  they forget they have them.

Although to be fair wrt to the last point this may not be the whole story. To ShoesieQ’s highly trained shoe – antenna  it sounds a bit like when we get caught out having snuck a new pair into the house by Him Indoors. When challenged about buying yet another pair of shoes, how many of us have uttered something like:

“What, these old things? I’ve had them so long I can’t even remember!” 😉


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