Best way to beat the Bag charge!

17 Nov

ShoesieQ was lucky enough to stumble across this rather lovely stall when she was walking through Cambridge the other week.  Just goes to show how much attention she pays when she ambles around Cambridge – according to the stall owner, the rather charming Dave, he’s been manning said stand for over 40 years!

2015-09-29 11.46.24

So ShoesieQ must have walked past it many many times without paying it any heed whatsoever. Mind you, the design of their fab new shopper is impossible to ignore – even for dreamboats like yours truly. Especially for those of us who take a keen interest in anything footwear related……….

Anyway it seems that shoppers are having a bit of a moment, if the numbers turning up at ShoesieQ’s shops are anything to go by. And the recently introduced carrier bag tax can only encourage such an admirable trend!  So if you fancy giving one a spin, Dave can be  found in Cambridge market most days (usually just opposite Gap). Fraid ShoesieQ can’t remember exactly how much they cost, other than it was definitely under £20. Bargain, eh?

ShoesieQ Shopper


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