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Jimmy Choo

2 Feb

Jimmy Choo with ShoesieQ


A Shoefie (or should that be Choofie?!)

As you may know ShoesieQ likes to consider herself as something of an aspiring Shoe Siren. Well last night it would appear that her calls were answered, and then some, as she was lucky enough to be invited to attend an audience with Shoe Royalty, namely the extremely wonderful Professor Jimmy Choo at Jesus College, Cambridge.

Even better, Jimmy was being interviewed by a good friend, the equally wonderful Nicky Shepard, founder of Cambridge Style Week.


Nicky Shepard interviewing Professor Choo

In case you’re wondering what the great man had to say for himself, amongst many other facts Nicky managed to glean from Prof Choo were……

  • The first shoes her ever made were for his mum (Awww!).
  • Prof Choo’s view on success is if you have a name and make your parents, college and country proud it doesn’t really matter if you makes much money (Awww again!).
  • Looking at new developments in the Shoeniverse, Prof Choo explained that 3-d printing is already used in China to manufacture some of the component parts of footwear, but humans still put the final product together. Although this will doubtless change, Prof C is old fashioned and will always want many parts of the shoe making process to be by human rather than computer. He also mentioned a machine has been invented that can accurately can scan feet – but he would personally still want to fit shoes by hand.
  • His favourite pair were the last ones he made for Princess Diana. Sadly she died before could give them to her,so still has them to this day.
  • His favourite designer is Giorgio Armani! Prof Choo rates him so highly as they share the same ethos, are both down to earth, his designs are simple, classic and very stylish, plus Mr A provides a lot of employment  for his native country Italy
  • As you might imagine Jimmy has many pairs of shoes – not least because he’s often given them as gifts. However he passes most on to his friends after couple of months! But in his view everyone needs at least 4 or 5 pairs min as feet sweat, and shoes need to air. Which is also why he recommends you should always go for leather lined shoes as they breathe and mould to the foot better!


And in  case you’re wondering ShoesieQ managed to ask a question too! She had been warned that there would be a Q&A session at the end, so asked around for a killer question. There were loads of brilliant suggestions, but the one ShoesieQ plumped for was the brainchild of Alice Toby-Brant (aka Cambridge blogger The Middle Sister), namely:

Would you design a truly decadent high heel specifically for a man and if so, which man would it be?”

This got a good laugh from the audience, not to mention Jimmy, which was an excellent start (thanks Alice!). His reply was that some men already wear his heels, especially in places like Hong Kong – but it’s almost always in the evening, say at a bar or nightclub. But he added that they needed to practice to wear stilettos – though tbh most of the audience knew that already………. 😉


FYI and last, but certainly not least: if this has whetted your appetite, Jimmy Choo has an exhibition on in town, Gems of the Silk Road. The show opened on February 2nd at new Cambridge International Art gallery on Jesus Lane and runs for a month.



Shoe Maths!

3 Oct

OK, OK, ShoesieQ admits that whilst this is not perhaps an Oxymoron, the words “Shoes” and “Maths” are not often found in the same sentence. Especially a 2 word one!

Mind you, now she thinks about it ShoesieQ isn’t even sure that Shoe Maths is even a true sentence. Isn’t there supposed to be a verb lurking around somewhere?  Hmmmmm, ShoesieQ is now starting to wonder if she dare show her face in her Cambridge shop ever again at this rate, as she has some seriously bright customers and is starting to feel seriously dense!

Anyway, we digress. Getting back on topic, ShoesieQ has a question of a vaguely equatiastical bent (and yes, she’s fully aware that to make matters even more random she’s starting to make words up).

So, my dearest and most patient reader, the question ShoesieQ is finally about to ask, is what do you get if you complete the following sum?




Well, dear shoeslover, in this particular case the answer is the most wonderful new range of boots by a new brand to Modish by Bueno that ShoesieQ stumbled across during her last but one trip to Milan. Tbh this rather rubbishy photo doesn’t really do these gorgeous boots justice. The colours are brighter for starters – plus you probably can’t tell just how soft the leather is, or indeed how comfy they are on! And you’ll definitely not have worked out is that the range starts at just £99.99 for the Chelsea boots, and tops out at a very reasonable £155 for the mid calf ones 🙂

What will probably come as less of a surprise is that these boots are proving rather popular, so if you fancy a fair we suggest you hot foot it down to Cambridge or Saffron Walden pronto!


Quite Great? More like Blimmin’ Marvellous!

9 Feb


Today ShoesieQ brings glad tidings: her shop Modish has been chosen to be featured as part of Quite Great’s Guide for tourists and shoppers coming to Cambridge – Cambridge Unwrapped!

The lovely people at Quite Great have taken it upon themselves to give visitors to our beautiful city a few inside tips on THE best places in Cambridge for a bit of shopping or a bite to eat. Pete Bassett, the boss of Quite Great, very kindly explained that all the shops and outlets chosen are examples of must go to Cambridge retailers who truly understand both the heartbeat of the city and the way to give shoppers a great experience.

The very slight downside is that this guide is via the medium of You Tube, and if you are indeed ShoesieQ that makes it a teensey weensey bit excruciating to watch.

But she has bitten the bullet (!) and added a link so you can see for yourself. In fact it’s such a great idea here’s the link to the whole thing!

Cambridge Unwrapped: Modish

Cambridge Unwrapped: All


ShoesieQ goes shoe shopping in Milan – Part II

17 Apr

So, ShoesieQ finds herself in the middle of a thriving Italian city full of yummy restaurants, yummy bars, and, ermmmmm, yummy Italians. And what did she do?

In bedWell, completely contrary to form she stayed in her room diligently reviewing everything she’d seen that day at MICAM, writing down who see was going to see when the next day, and then – BED! At 9.30pm!  The last time ShoesieQ went to bed that early she was probably still wearing flowery pink PJs and had been sent upstairs early by her mum cos she’d been a naughty girl. And, for the avoidance of doubt, that was well over 3 decades ago………

Her reward for such unusually virtuous  behaviour was to wake up with a relatively clear head, ready to peruse yet more shoes! So she dropped her bag back off at the Pedro Miralles stand (see pic below), as that had been a bit of a lifesaver the day before, then beetled off to do some serious shoe shopping!

The Pedro Miralles stand, Micam

The Pedro Miralles stand, Micam


And what a day it was! Lots of appointments with suppliers both old and new, with orders placed for over a thousand pairs by the end of the day. All this combined with plenty of wandering around drooling at footwear, as ShoesieQ managed to get through her appointments in surprisingly quick time. Doubtless thanks to being super-organised for a change!

In fact it was all going so well that, feeling ever-so-slightly-smug, ShoesieQ reckoned that she even had enough time before catching her flight home to pay a social call to a couple of her suppliers. So she wandered off to the K&S stand, home of uber-chic uber-comfy ballet pumps and had a good ol chin wag with the lovely Mark.

Having caught up with all the latest gossip ShoesieQ decided that it was  time to call in a day and start thinking about the long trip home. But walking back through the many halls that make up MICAM ShoesieQ stopped dead in her tracks, mouth agape, and doubtless dribbling slightly, truth be told.

£175 €71.33 YKX 906005No, dear reader, she wasn’t having a stroke. But she had stumbled across her find of the show – YKX. No, ShoesieQ hadn’t heard of them either, partly cos they don’t sell to anyone in the UK.  As you can see from this pic (bit rubbish, sorry!) they are brilliant for casual boots, chunky soles and buckles. In fact a bit like what you see in All Saints but for about half the price 🙂 So ShoesieQ  just HAD to place an order. Which she duly did.

So she left that stand with the lovely warm, slightly smug feeling of someone who’d had pretty much the perfect day in the office (not that that happened terribly often when ShoesieQ actually had an office, but we digress), and started the 5 minute walk back to the Pedro Miralles stand to pick up her bag. She looked down at her watch, and with a start realised that  it was almost 7pm, ie when the fair closed. But hey, this is Italy, the land not known for its punctuality. And none of the stands ShoesieQ could see were shutting up shop. So she breathed a sigh of relief, but quickened her pace just in case.



padlock5 mins later ShoesieQ arrived at the Pedro Miralles stand, where her suitcase was being stored. To find it very securely locked. Bugger. She then went to the other stand the Pedro rep was working on. Also closed. She then remembered that said rep’s mobile hasn’t been working for the entire time he’d been in Italy so there was no way of contacting him. Drat and double drat. Or words to that effect.

So she tried talking to the Security team. And no, it seemed that there’s no such thing as a masterkey for the stands. So she tried talking to the Information team. And no, it seemed that they don’t have a list of the mobile numbers for stand reps either. Double and triple bugger!!

So – taking a deep breath ShoesieQ decided to take a look into her handbag to see if there was any chance she could make it home with what was in there. And lo and behold she found her passport, her boarding card, enough money for the metro and coach to get her to Bergamo airport, the keys for her car, house and shop (as she had to go to work the next day). Bit lucky huh?!

Sure it was chucking it down with rain and ShoesieQ’s coat was securely locked away with her bag. And she wasn’t entirely sure if it was still possible to get to Bergamo airport in the 2 and a half hours she had before the gate closed. But hell, she was going to give it a go!

And, dear reader, she made it. Not least due to the help of the very kind Iris, from MICAM’s Information team, who told ShoesieQ which Metro line she needed to take, and where to change. Plus the very patient policeman at Milan Centrale station who managed to understand ShoesieQ’s appalling Italian and tell her where the bus to Milan departed from.

And last, but very much not least, thanks also need to go to the charming Fabrizio from Pam shoes, who on hearing ShoesieQ had left her bag at the fair, extracted it from the Pedro stand and found someone to bring it back to the UK. Not to mention Chris and Rob from Manas, who are the people he persuaded to bring it back home with them!

Finally, and in case there’s anyone out there in the blogosphere wondering what exactly will be coming in to Modish as a result of all of these fun and games – fret not! For over the Easter weekend ShoesieQ will be giving you a sneak preview of just what you can expect to see in the shops come the autumn 🙂

ShoesieQ goes shoe shopping in Milan – Day 1

29 Mar

Thrill of all thrills – earlier this month ShoesieQ found herself at one of the world’s biggest Shoe trade shows, namely MICAM, on the outskirts of Milan.

Micam 2014 Sure, it’s a tough old job, but someone’s got to do it, if only to ensure  the good womenfolk of Cambridge, Saffron Walden and their environs are properly shod. Yes, sacrifice is indeed ShoesieQ’s new middle name 😉

Mind you, it was seriously hard work. Seriously! Partly cos ShoesieQ’s a bit fond of her bed. And going to this fair meant she had to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to catch the very first flight out of Standsted at 6.30. Ouch!

But all this was forgotten as she managed to get to the show just as the doors were opening at 10 – result!

First stop was the Pedro Miralles stand where ShoesieQ was allowed to dump her suitcase – then  on with the very important job of buying lots of shoes and boots for Modish’s Autumn/Winter collection for 2014.

This involved a level of military planning that, those of you who know ShoesieQ even slightly, will realise is somewhat alien to her somewhat laid back and generally disorganised nature. But it was vital simply because of the scale of the event. For MICAM is made up of 7 halls, all of which are about the same size as the NEC. There are literally thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of shoes and boots, all calling out for ShoesieQ’s attention, with just 2 days to see them.

So in an attempt to avoid shoe-overload ShoesieQ set up appointments with the suppliers she really wanted to see, with enough time in the middle for lots of browsing.

Papucei bootFirst stop was an amazing brand called Papucei. Heard of them? Thought not! They’re based in Romania, which has a little-known but thriving shoe industry. And they design THE most wonderful-but-slightly-barking-mad shoes and boots ShoesieQ’s been fortunate enough to set her eyes on.

They change their designs every year, but here’s a pic from one of last years’ collection to give you a taster.

Only slight problem was when ShoesieQ decided to try on a rather lovely pair of boots with a zip up the back. They looked great, but were a really tight fit on the leg so she decided that they probably weren’t right for Modish. However when she can to take them off this happened……….

ShoesieQ has a hole in her, ermm, tights!

Yes, for the very first time in her life, ShoesieQ had to be cut out of a pair of boots! Mortifying! Needless to say this particular pair won’t be making it into the shop 😉

What’s worse, ShoesieQ was wearing a pair of loafers, so there was no hiding that hole! But as luck would have it, she had packed a pair of ankle boots too, so it was back to the Pedro Miralles stand for a quick footwear change, and then on with the rest of the show.

The remainder of the day passed in a frenzy of meeting suppliers, looking at shoes, and towards the end, supping a much-needed energy drink or 3 (aka prosecco – the Khrio stand rather helpfully had a bar), before ShoesieQ bid a retreat to her hotel for a bit of a recap of the day, an attempt to plan for tomorrow and last but certainly not least – SLEEP!

As for how the next day went – well ShoesieQ will be posting that tomorrow. And if you think the holey-tights incident was a bit unfortunate, just wait and see what the next installment brings!

Mojito shoes coming to Modish!

11 Feb

Forgive me WordPress, because ShoesieQ has sinned.  For it is a good 2 months since her last post on this blog, for which she is very sorry and general penitent. Although she also strong suspects that no other bugger has even noticed.

So, dear reader, you may well be wondering what has dragged Ms SQ off of her sorry backside and onto her keyboard. Well, shock horror, it’s a pair of shoes.

But wait! It’s not just any old footwear item that’s gotten ShoesieQ into spin. It’s something so revolutionary, and yet so beautiful that she couldn’t  let another day go past without proselytising  to just about anyone who would listen/read.  And if you would be so kind to take a little look at the picture below perhaps, just perhaps, you can see why.


60896285-9151-4cd9-bd12-1846f47b8530What was even more exciting for ShoesieQ was that she got to meet the designer, the rather lovely and very dapper Julian Hakes.  Who kindly took the time to explain the concept behind the shoes, namely that he hoped to come up with something truly evolutionary but that could actually be worn in real life by real people.



The fact that Julian studied at Darwin College, Cambridge tickled ShoesieQ, although she’s not entirely sure that Charles Darwin was thinking of the potential application to footwear when he wrote The Origin of Species…………..

Anyway, ShoesieQ took him at his word, tried a pair on and hey presto – not only are they wearable, but actually pretty comfortable!

Julian Hakes mohito shoesSure, perhaps there are better ways to rock this particular look that wearing them with a pair of M&S opaque tights, but still, they look pretty amazing eh?

Which is why ShoesieQ, much to her surprise, took out her chequebook. Which in turn means that you’ll be able to see for yourself just how amazing these shoes are sometime in March when they’ll be coming to a Modish near you.

The Awesome Power of Shoes

15 Aug

Ruby slippers

A couple of days ago ShoesieQ found herself trying to persuade a large group of professional business types (mainly of the male variety) that, for many women, shoes really do have the ability not just to transform how they look, but to actually CHANGE THEIR LIVES!

Now, dear reader, these were a very polite bunch so they didn’t actually snigger out loud. But ShoesieQ got the very distinct impression that these people were after cold hard facts. So here’s what she came up with to make her case:

Exhibit A: Scullery maid to Princess

Glass slipper (2)Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a beautiful girl, with two very unpleasant and unattractive step sisters who bullied her mercilessly and treated her as a general skivvy. Unfortunately this being before the days of Childline, the beautiful girl thought that she would have to just put up with it. But then, hey presto, she gets herself a sexy pair of glass heels, a handsome prince turns up and Cinderella lives happily ever after.

Exhibit B: Schoolgirl trapped half way around the world

Then there was young Dorothy from Kansas who found herself stranded in Oz with her dog. She pops on a pair of ruby slippers, clicks her heels three times and manages to get herself home with no need for tiresome 18 hour flights cooped up in economy or indeed quarantine for little Toto.

Exhibit C: Old woman in desparate need of contraceptive advice

old_woman_who_lived_in_a_shoe__WDonahey_1915Then there’s evidence from a more unlikely source, namely the old lady who lived in a shoe. You know the one – she had so many children that she didn’t know what to do. Unfortunately in this sad case the horse had already bolted so it was clearly too late for the pill, or indeed adoption to sort out the root cause of her woes.

But at least she had somewhere to live, thanks to the power of shoes!

Ok ok, perhaps there’s the odd reader who somehow thinks that the use of fairy stories isn’t really going to cut the mustard as conclusive proof that shoes can transform your life. Which brings us to:

Exhibit 4: ShoesieQ herself!

Well ShoesieQ may sound like a madey-up person but she is most definitely flesh and blood. And her decision to jack in being something in Human Resources very much transformed her existence from corporate dronedom to true happiness and fulfillment.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – proof if proof were needed of the magical ability of shoes to change ones life…….. 😉