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Shoe Maths!

3 Oct

OK, OK, ShoesieQ admits that whilst this is not perhaps an Oxymoron, the words “Shoes” and “Maths” are not often found in the same sentence. Especially a 2 word one!

Mind you, now she thinks about it ShoesieQ isn’t even sure that Shoe Maths is even a true sentence. Isn’t there supposed to be a verb lurking around somewhere?  Hmmmmm, ShoesieQ is now starting to wonder if she dare show her face in her Cambridge shop ever again at this rate, as she has some seriously bright customers and is starting to feel seriously dense!

Anyway, we digress. Getting back on topic, ShoesieQ has a question of a vaguely equatiastical bent (and yes, she’s fully aware that to make matters even more random she’s starting to make words up).

So, my dearest and most patient reader, the question ShoesieQ is finally about to ask, is what do you get if you complete the following sum?




Well, dear shoeslover, in this particular case the answer is the most wonderful new range of boots by a new brand to Modish by Bueno that ShoesieQ stumbled across during her last but one trip to Milan. Tbh this rather rubbishy photo doesn’t really do these gorgeous boots justice. The colours are brighter for starters – plus you probably can’t tell just how soft the leather is, or indeed how comfy they are on! And you’ll definitely not have worked out is that the range starts at just £99.99 for the Chelsea boots, and tops out at a very reasonable £155 for the mid calf ones 🙂

What will probably come as less of a surprise is that these boots are proving rather popular, so if you fancy a fair we suggest you hot foot it down to Cambridge or Saffron Walden pronto!



New shoes (and boots!) for Autumn

23 Sep

Well, as ShoesieQ writes, it seems that the summer is still hanging on. Which bearing in mind that its now pretty much the end of September (!) means just one thing: Strictly Come Dancing is back! Plus, perhaps more pertinently (at least as far as this blog is concerned) it’s time to think about buying some new shoes or, even better, BOOTS!

So, on the off chance that you, dear shoelover, are wondering what you need to look out for in the shops this season, here’s ShoesieQ’s Top 5 trends for AW16:


 1) Toes are having a bit of what fashionistas like to term a “moment” – so you’ll continue to see a few pointy shoes and boots, such as these gorgeous suede courts by Hogl and K&S. But if you look hard you may also spot there’s also a sub-trend of  squared off toes, particularly on biker boots.

2) Chelsea boots. Yes we know, not exactly high fashion, but as always oh so useful, so definitely worth a mention. As you can see from these fin examples by Fly London and Vagabond, this season’s Chelseas they’re a bit more grungy, with a platform and or a bit of a heel rather than the ladylike version we saw so much of last year.


3) Loafers and Lace Ups. These fab shoes by Vagabond, Tamaris and Lilimill respectively are proof, if proof were needed, that Androgeny rules!And as you can see from these pics the most fashionable Oxfords, brogues and lace ups are on a bit of a platform. Which leads us nicely on to……


4) Platforms. Elegant wedges have all but disappeared to be replaced by the resurgence of the Platforms of all depths and sizes, from barely there to full-on 1970s in your face (though there are still plenty of wedge platforms about too – phew!). FYI these utterly gorgeous boots are by Fly London

and then last, but very much NOT least…………


5) Pewter. This is the main trend you’ll see everywhere! Hip Hip Hooray – pewter is very much a Modish favourite! Mainly because it incorporate two things we love more than anything – a bit of subtle shiny-shiny, along with the chameleon-like ability to go with just about any colour under the sun. What’s not to love! NB It’s only fair ro warn you that the Black and Pewter boots above by Fly London are selling like hotcakes, so if you fancy a pair you’ll need to get your skates on!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the great news about Autumn 2016, at least in terms of what we’ll be wearing on our feet, is that there’s something for pretty much everyone. And as doubtless this lovely warm weather will be buggering off shortly, ShoesieQ suggests that you head off and treat yourself to a lovely new pair of shoes or boots ASAP!

Look at Modish’s new Marmite boots!!

20 Sep

MarmiteNo, ShoesieQ hasn’t gone completely stark staring mad. Well, perhaps she has, who knows. But in case you were wondering why she’s decided to stock footwear made our of yeast extract, fret not.



Marmite shoe by Papucei 2


Because, as ShoesieQ is sure you’ve realised, she’s referring to the fact that these boots seem to elicit rather strong feelings. In fact, in the two short days Modish has had them, they’ve been the most talked about pair in the 7 years ShoesieQ has been in the wonderful world of shoebusiness!


Currently they are taking pride of place in the window of ShoesieQ’s shop in Cambridge. And she has watching with wry amusement at the number of people who have strolled past and  done a double take when they’ve spotted these boots.

This is usually followed by lots of finger pointing, big smiles and, more than once, a couple of photos of said boot. And then they come in and tell me either how much they adore these boots, or just how ugly they think they are!

In case you’re wondering who dreamed up such an amazing pair of boots, well they’re by Papucei, a new brand to Modish, and they’re made in Romania.

Anyway, that  just leaves one question. Namely which camp are you in? Because, so far at least, there seems to be no middle ground whatsoever with these babies!

So, pray tell – do you love love love these amazing boots? Or do you hate loathe and despise them?

Love Hate

PS If you’re in the former camp and fancy a pair you can get them from Modish Cambridge and they cost a not unreasonable £125. Oh yes, and they’re not called Marmite, but Saundra. Although ShoesieQ’s going to lobby for a rename when she see Papucei next season 😉

ShoesieQ goes shoe shopping in Milan – Day 1

29 Mar

Thrill of all thrills – earlier this month ShoesieQ found herself at one of the world’s biggest Shoe trade shows, namely MICAM, on the outskirts of Milan.

Micam 2014 Sure, it’s a tough old job, but someone’s got to do it, if only to ensure  the good womenfolk of Cambridge, Saffron Walden and their environs are properly shod. Yes, sacrifice is indeed ShoesieQ’s new middle name 😉

Mind you, it was seriously hard work. Seriously! Partly cos ShoesieQ’s a bit fond of her bed. And going to this fair meant she had to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to catch the very first flight out of Standsted at 6.30. Ouch!

But all this was forgotten as she managed to get to the show just as the doors were opening at 10 – result!

First stop was the Pedro Miralles stand where ShoesieQ was allowed to dump her suitcase – then  on with the very important job of buying lots of shoes and boots for Modish’s Autumn/Winter collection for 2014.

This involved a level of military planning that, those of you who know ShoesieQ even slightly, will realise is somewhat alien to her somewhat laid back and generally disorganised nature. But it was vital simply because of the scale of the event. For MICAM is made up of 7 halls, all of which are about the same size as the NEC. There are literally thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of shoes and boots, all calling out for ShoesieQ’s attention, with just 2 days to see them.

So in an attempt to avoid shoe-overload ShoesieQ set up appointments with the suppliers she really wanted to see, with enough time in the middle for lots of browsing.

Papucei bootFirst stop was an amazing brand called Papucei. Heard of them? Thought not! They’re based in Romania, which has a little-known but thriving shoe industry. And they design THE most wonderful-but-slightly-barking-mad shoes and boots ShoesieQ’s been fortunate enough to set her eyes on.

They change their designs every year, but here’s a pic from one of last years’ collection to give you a taster.

Only slight problem was when ShoesieQ decided to try on a rather lovely pair of boots with a zip up the back. They looked great, but were a really tight fit on the leg so she decided that they probably weren’t right for Modish. However when she can to take them off this happened……….

ShoesieQ has a hole in her, ermm, tights!

Yes, for the very first time in her life, ShoesieQ had to be cut out of a pair of boots! Mortifying! Needless to say this particular pair won’t be making it into the shop 😉

What’s worse, ShoesieQ was wearing a pair of loafers, so there was no hiding that hole! But as luck would have it, she had packed a pair of ankle boots too, so it was back to the Pedro Miralles stand for a quick footwear change, and then on with the rest of the show.

The remainder of the day passed in a frenzy of meeting suppliers, looking at shoes, and towards the end, supping a much-needed energy drink or 3 (aka prosecco – the Khrio stand rather helpfully had a bar), before ShoesieQ bid a retreat to her hotel for a bit of a recap of the day, an attempt to plan for tomorrow and last but certainly not least – SLEEP!

As for how the next day went – well ShoesieQ will be posting that tomorrow. And if you think the holey-tights incident was a bit unfortunate, just wait and see what the next installment brings!

Independent Cambridge gets a new champion!

24 Nov

Modish makes the Front page!

This is just a quick post on a busy Saturday to big up a wonderful new book that was launched this week.

In the spring of this year ShoesieQ met Anne Prince through a mutual friend (thanks Caroline, aka @cambridgelass!) and she told me all about her plans to support the wonderful Independent shops and businesses that make Cambridge so special. And just 8 months later Anne delivered!

So last Wednesday the great and the good of Cambridge found themselves in the gorgeous surrounds of Member’s club 12a to celebrate the launch of Anne’s book – Independent Cambridge. It’s a good read too – with lots of stories about the people behind each business. And if you root through it for long enough you’re bound to find a great shop,cafe or restuarant that you’ve never heard of before.

Even more thrillingly,  this morning when ShoesieQ was on her way to work she picked up a copy of the Cambridge News – and found herself looking at a little picture of herself on the Front page!

No time to say much more – other than if you know anyone in the Cambridge area this book will make a great pressie! And here’s a link to Independent Cambridge’s website, followed by a copy of the article in the Cambridge News


Cambridge News 24 Nov 2012

Biting political satire – in a shoe shop?!

20 Nov

Well – perhaps that’s overstating things slightly? Perhaps. But ShoesieQ had a long hard think before she created her current window display featuring the not-so-sadly departed ex PM of Italy, Sg Silvio Berlusconi. After all, shoe shops are surely meant to be light hearted places where the cut and thrust of European politics has no place whatsoever?

But the idea just wouldn’t go away. And as ShoesieQ didn’t have any better thoughts for her pre Christmas window she thought she’d give it a go.

So here it is. And it’s proved to be by far the most popular display Modish Cambridge has come up with so far! We’ve had so many people doing a double take I’ve lost count, not to mention the Italian and Japanese tourists taking photos. And anyone with any interest in Italy whatsoever seems to have popped their heads around the door with comments ranging from ‘Complimenti’ to a full & frank exchange about the likelihood of his successor, Mario Monti, doing much better than Silvio!

But the most wonderful thing for ShoesieQ in some ways has been that it’s given me the excuse to devote my entire display to my Italian collection of winter shoes & boots, which definitely include some of my very favouites this year. We’re just hoping that the next big news from the Eurozone comes from either Spain, Portugal or Germany as ShoesieQ would love to do a window for them too!

.......e buongiorno Mario!

New Boots!!!!

17 Sep

Well, it seems that autumn has well and truly arrived. And, as per usual, ShoesieQ’s thoughts turn to just 2 things. Firstly, just how tragically addicted am I going to get to Strictly Come Dancing this year (answer is ‘very’ if last week’s show is anything to go by). And secondly – BOOOOOOOOOOTS!!!

But there’s a dilema. Which of the many wonderful boots that I so carefully selected back in February do I go for?  Because I can’t have everything. Partly for economic reasons, but also due to peer pressure. Cos when ShoesieQ told her friends of her plans to open a shoe shop all those years ago, practically ever single one of them muttered  something along the lines of that being like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. Harsh! But perhaps a little bit fair.

I know, I know, I’m not after your sympathy. After all, there are far more vexing issues facing the world at the moment, eg Libya, the potential collapse of the Eurozone, Cheryl Cole’s love life etc. Not to mention the pressure many small businesses are facing, as belts are further tightened and margins squeezed. Esp as things are going remarkably well with both my shops.

Anyway, I digress. So, dear reader, here are the pair that I chose. They’re by a fabulous young Spanish designer, Laura Villasenin, who set up her own company Miista this year.  I’ve had them just 3 days and have already been stopped in the street twice to be asked where I got my amazing boots from!

What makes them unique is they don’t have a tongue, which means that the colour of your tights or leggings peeps through the laces in the most fantastic way. Am just trying to decide what colour opaques to buy to team up with these babies. Any suggestions gratefully received.

In case you’re wondering these retail for £185, and yes, they are available in black too. I even have it in an ankle boot, also in black for £135. And all 3 versions do have a zip up the side so it doesn’t take all morning to put them on (and all night to take them off again!).

My New Boots! :o)