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Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you The Sliced Loaf!

4 Oct

If you are, in the immortal words of Ray Davies,  a dedicated follower of fashion, you won’t fail to have noticed a slightly surprising new trend that the likes of Alexa et al have been sporting over the last few weeks, namely the “Sliced Loaf”.

Now in case you were wondering about the sanity of said fashionistas, ShoesieQ needs to point out that women are NOT rushing down to Lidl (or even Waitrose) en masse, grabbing a large Mothers Pride White Toaster Loaf and strapping two slices onto their tootsies.

What they are doing instead is popping down to their local shoe shop and walking out with a pair of backless loafers. Now obviously “backless loafers” doesn’t sound anywhere fashion-y enough for the style cognoscenti , so some wag decided to sex things up by coming up with an alternative moniker for said shoes. But sadly they coined the frankly ludicrous Sliced Loaf. And even more sadly a load of credulous fashion journalists have adopted this ridiculous name!

Which is a pity as the shoe itself can actually be rather great. Obviously not the furry version that makes it look as though, with every step, you’re massacring a small family of chipmunks. The less said about those, the better! But hey, at least the women wearing them aren’t torturing themselves with every step, which makes a pleasant change from most fashion footwear eh? And worn with trousers of just about any length they look pretty cool.

What’s more, said shoes make ShoesieQ feel remarkably smug, as her shop Modish is somewhat (unusually!) ahead of the game as it has sold backless loafers by Geox for the past few years now. And indeed has them in stock as she types in case you wanted to give them a go 🙂



Mojito shoes coming to Modish!

11 Feb

Forgive me WordPress, because ShoesieQ has sinned.  For it is a good 2 months since her last post on this blog, for which she is very sorry and general penitent. Although she also strong suspects that no other bugger has even noticed.

So, dear reader, you may well be wondering what has dragged Ms SQ off of her sorry backside and onto her keyboard. Well, shock horror, it’s a pair of shoes.

But wait! It’s not just any old footwear item that’s gotten ShoesieQ into spin. It’s something so revolutionary, and yet so beautiful that she couldn’t  let another day go past without proselytising  to just about anyone who would listen/read.  And if you would be so kind to take a little look at the picture below perhaps, just perhaps, you can see why.


60896285-9151-4cd9-bd12-1846f47b8530What was even more exciting for ShoesieQ was that she got to meet the designer, the rather lovely and very dapper Julian Hakes.  Who kindly took the time to explain the concept behind the shoes, namely that he hoped to come up with something truly evolutionary but that could actually be worn in real life by real people.



The fact that Julian studied at Darwin College, Cambridge tickled ShoesieQ, although she’s not entirely sure that Charles Darwin was thinking of the potential application to footwear when he wrote The Origin of Species…………..

Anyway, ShoesieQ took him at his word, tried a pair on and hey presto – not only are they wearable, but actually pretty comfortable!

Julian Hakes mohito shoesSure, perhaps there are better ways to rock this particular look that wearing them with a pair of M&S opaque tights, but still, they look pretty amazing eh?

Which is why ShoesieQ, much to her surprise, took out her chequebook. Which in turn means that you’ll be able to see for yourself just how amazing these shoes are sometime in March when they’ll be coming to a Modish near you.

Blimey – ShoesieQ is Entrepreneur of the Month!

19 Apr
Look - it's true!!

Look – it’s true!!

For those of you who know her, the title of this post may, at best, elicit a raised eyebrow. But it’s true! Look – here’s the pic to prove it!

And she’s dead dead chuffed, as it’s been over 2 years since ShoesieQ joined the rather wonderful Entrepreneur’s Circle (EC to its friends), but this is the first award she’s bagged.

For those of you not in the know, the EC is a group for small and medium sized companies that basically gives advice on what they need to do to succeed in the often cut-throat world of business. And it’s made the world of difference to ShoesieQ’s little shop Modish.


If there’s anyone out there who also runs their own business you can find more out  via the EC website below, or drop a line to  the wonderful Vida Barr-Jones  on vida.barrjones@businessgrowthadvisor.co.uk



Modish Cambridge – the birth of a Shoe shop!

13 Jul

Modish Cambridge - my latest baby!

I can’t quite believe this, but my so called ‘new’ branch of Modish, at Green Street Cambridge, opened 2 months ago. How time flies!

Anyway, last week I was thinking back to the trials and tribulations involved in launching a shop as I was asked to write a blog post as part of Independent Retailer month, which is taking place for the first time in the UK in July.

So for those of you who may be interested – here’s what I said!