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New shoes (and boots!) for Autumn

23 Sep

Well, as ShoesieQ writes, it seems that the summer is still hanging on. Which bearing in mind that its now pretty much the end of September (!) means just one thing: Strictly Come Dancing is back! Plus, perhaps more pertinently (at least as far as this blog is concerned) it’s time to think about buying some new shoes or, even better, BOOTS!

So, on the off chance that you, dear shoelover, are wondering what you need to look out for in the shops this season, here’s ShoesieQ’s Top 5 trends for AW16:


 1) Toes are having a bit of what fashionistas like to term a “moment” – so you’ll continue to see a few pointy shoes and boots, such as these gorgeous suede courts by Hogl and K&S. But if you look hard you may also spot there’s also a sub-trend of  squared off toes, particularly on biker boots.

2) Chelsea boots. Yes we know, not exactly high fashion, but as always oh so useful, so definitely worth a mention. As you can see from these fin examples by Fly London and Vagabond, this season’s Chelseas they’re a bit more grungy, with a platform and or a bit of a heel rather than the ladylike version we saw so much of last year.


3) Loafers and Lace Ups. These fab shoes by Vagabond, Tamaris and Lilimill respectively are proof, if proof were needed, that Androgeny rules!And as you can see from these pics the most fashionable Oxfords, brogues and lace ups are on a bit of a platform. Which leads us nicely on to……


4) Platforms. Elegant wedges have all but disappeared to be replaced by the resurgence of the Platforms of all depths and sizes, from barely there to full-on 1970s in your face (though there are still plenty of wedge platforms about too – phew!). FYI these utterly gorgeous boots are by Fly London

and then last, but very much NOT least…………


5) Pewter. This is the main trend you’ll see everywhere! Hip Hip Hooray – pewter is very much a Modish favourite! Mainly because it incorporate two things we love more than anything – a bit of subtle shiny-shiny, along with the chameleon-like ability to go with just about any colour under the sun. What’s not to love! NB It’s only fair ro warn you that the Black and Pewter boots above by Fly London are selling like hotcakes, so if you fancy a pair you’ll need to get your skates on!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the great news about Autumn 2016, at least in terms of what we’ll be wearing on our feet, is that there’s something for pretty much everyone. And as doubtless this lovely warm weather will be buggering off shortly, ShoesieQ suggests that you head off and treat yourself to a lovely new pair of shoes or boots ASAP!


Spring Shoes – the 3 trends that will last!

13 Feb

Now ShoesieQ is sure the more shoe-obsessed amongst you will have doubtless noticed that the shops are starting to fill up with gorgeous spring shoes and sandals. But what to buy? Fret not my lovelies, as ShoesieQ is in the fortunate position of being in the middle of buying her collection for Autumn Winter 16, and she’s spotted 3 trends that will take you through the rest of the year in style 🙂

The 1970s

This is probably making some of you wince, but the 1970s trend is surprisingly wearable! All it really means is you’ll be seeing plenty of:

  • Blocky heels and platforms
  • The colour tan (in suede and leather)
  • Cowboy boots (especially the ankle version)


  • Lots and lots of fringing!

These ankle boots by Manas fit the bill beautifully. £125


Not entirely sure this counts as a trend tbh, but the growth of activewear in clothing is more than matched by the number of trainers and sneakers in the shops. If you’re not entirely sure this is for you but want to dip your toe in, give these low wedge trainers by Geox a go.


Persephone by Geox, £90


Well, strictly speaking it’s the colour silver that’s making the Fash Pack go weak at the knees. But ShoesieQ rekons you’d be much better off giving pewter a go. It’s a little softer, a little darker and much less bacofoil-y than silver 😉 Plus the fact that they’ve got a reflective surface means that, chameleon-like, pewter shoes tend to pick up the colours from the rest of your outfit, so they literally go with everything. Clever huh?!


Ok, so you’ll not be wearing these in December, but they’re too pretty not to include! Tamaris £39.99

The politics of shoes!

1 May

PartiesDon’t worry, this isn’t going to be some long tedious post on the relative merits of Messers Cameron, Miliband and Clegg: aka the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (although not necessarily in that order………….).

Nor is this a post on sexual politics of shoes either, despite the fact that ShoesieQ has occasionally pondered on the slightly bewildering fact that high heels can somehow simultaneously make a woman look more and less powerful.

Nope – today’s missive has been inspired by ShoesieQ looking at her  (shop’s) current Spring collection of shoes and spotting something rather odd. Namely that, without realising it at the time, she managed to order the same shoe in the 3 colours of our main political parties!!

See what I mean?!

Pinto di Blu 2Now as luck would have it this is one of Modish’s best sellers this year. Possibly partly down to the fact that  they’re gorgeous, super comfy and only £65 🙂

Plus they’re by  little known Portuguese shoe designers Pinto di Blu, so Modish is the only stockist of this particular pump………

Anyway ShoesieQ isn’t sure if this has any bearings at all on the outcome of the events taking place on May 7th. But she can share that, at the time of writing, sitting in her stockroom are:

3 Pairs of Blue

2 Pairs of Red


1 pair of Yellow.

So, if the customers of Modish Cambridge are voting with their feet, it’s good news for our current MP, Dr Julian Huppert!


Breaking news……….. that is creating quite the Buzz! ‏

27 Mar

Fly London logo large


Shoe fans – ShoesieQ brings glad tidings! For her shoe shop Modish has now taken delivery of her entire new Fly collection 🙂   And what’s more it’s probably the most gorgeous range of theirs she’s ever seen, with a fantastic array of colours and style for pretty much every occasion.

In fact, ShoesieQ loves them so much she thinks they almost count as a work of art. Which is why she framed a few of her favourites this morning when she was having the first coffee of the day………

Esta photo frameblack oval frame








Frame bluephoto gold  frame







PLUS it would be remiss not to add that a couple of ShoesieQ’s customers have mentioned that a number of these Fly sandals are £5 to £10 cheaper at Modish than some of her competitors!  Naming no names, though one of  shops begins with a ‘J’ and ends ‘ones the Bootmaker’ whilst the other sounds like the heir to the throne combined with someone who’s had a few too many shandies saying cheers loudly and clashing glasses with everyone he/she stumble across. And btw if anyone can guess what the blimmin heck ShoesieQ’s rabbiting on about, please let her know, as she not sure if she’s being overly cryptic or just overly odd with that second clue-ette……….. 🙂

REJOICE – The Average British woman now owns 21 pairs of shoes!

9 Oct
 Yesterday ShoesieQ spotted a story in the papers that truly warmed the cockles of her heart. For, to paraphrase the immortal words of D:Ream, Things are Indeed Getting Better.
Now to be fair this was a fleeting moment, as right now said papers are full of doom and gloom about all sorts of terrible world events. But still ShoesieQ grabbed hold of this one particular item of Good News, clasping it to her bosom like a long lost child, (pretending not to notice when it squirmed awkwardly).
woman-shopping-for-shoes For it seems that the average woman now owns a mighty 21 pairs of shoes!
OK, so ShoesieQ accepts that to you this may not seem like much reason to rejoice. And she suspects that, to some, this number may actually seem on the low side. In fact many of the women that ShoesieQ meets in the line of duty (ie in her shoe shop) love shoes, and unsurprisingly many of them feel that 21 is a somewhat paultry total. Then there are probably others, particularly of the male persuasion, who seem to think that  all women have  hundreds of pairs of shoes.
Imelda-Marcoss-shoes-in-1-010But as long term readers of this blog may recall a few years ago ShoesieQ spotted a survey by GoCompare stating that us British gals had an average of 19 pairs. And the good ol Co-op reported a year later that this number was now 20. So ShoesieQ was chuffed to bits to see that this fantastic upwards trend had continued to 2014 🙂
And there’s more! The latest study of 2,000 women  aged 18 to 60, also found that average woman in this country:
  • Will have splashed out £6,500 on footwear by her mid 40s
  • Own an average £354 worth of unworn shoes (mainly comprising of stilettos)



  • Over 40% of our shoes are worn either once, or never!
  • 61% of us  own ‘sitting down’ shoes to be worn at a restaurant or other ‘sitting’ occasion (!)
  • 35% buy shoes they didn’t need because they were on sale (only 35%?!)
  • 30% keeping shoes simply because they look beautiful in the wardrobe
  •  20% of us are either so absent-minded women (or own so many pairs) that  they forget they have them.

Although to be fair wrt to the last point this may not be the whole story. To ShoesieQ’s highly trained shoe – antenna  it sounds a bit like when we get caught out having snuck a new pair into the house by Him Indoors. When challenged about buying yet another pair of shoes, how many of us have uttered something like:

“What, these old things? I’ve had them so long I can’t even remember!” 😉

Look at Modish’s new Marmite boots!!

20 Sep

MarmiteNo, ShoesieQ hasn’t gone completely stark staring mad. Well, perhaps she has, who knows. But in case you were wondering why she’s decided to stock footwear made our of yeast extract, fret not.



Marmite shoe by Papucei 2


Because, as ShoesieQ is sure you’ve realised, she’s referring to the fact that these boots seem to elicit rather strong feelings. In fact, in the two short days Modish has had them, they’ve been the most talked about pair in the 7 years ShoesieQ has been in the wonderful world of shoebusiness!


Currently they are taking pride of place in the window of ShoesieQ’s shop in Cambridge. And she has watching with wry amusement at the number of people who have strolled past and  done a double take when they’ve spotted these boots.

This is usually followed by lots of finger pointing, big smiles and, more than once, a couple of photos of said boot. And then they come in and tell me either how much they adore these boots, or just how ugly they think they are!

In case you’re wondering who dreamed up such an amazing pair of boots, well they’re by Papucei, a new brand to Modish, and they’re made in Romania.

Anyway, that  just leaves one question. Namely which camp are you in? Because, so far at least, there seems to be no middle ground whatsoever with these babies!

So, pray tell – do you love love love these amazing boots? Or do you hate loathe and despise them?

Love Hate

PS If you’re in the former camp and fancy a pair you can get them from Modish Cambridge and they cost a not unreasonable £125. Oh yes, and they’re not called Marmite, but Saundra. Although ShoesieQ’s going to lobby for a rename when she see Papucei next season 😉

The 10 reasons that shoes are like men

25 Apr


sexy red shoemale model






This may surprise those of you who know her, but ShoesieQ’s been having a bit of a philosophical time of late. Though to be honest she’s not been spending every waking hour pondering what some may consider the great questions of our time. No, ShoesieQ plans to leave issues such as  “What is Dark Matter”, the existence of the Higgs Boson particle and who on earth writes Jimmy Carr’s (so-called) jokes to the likes of Professors Hawking, Cox and those eminent sages off of Heat magazine.

No, the matter that ShoesieQ’s had on her mind over the last month or so started off as one of those funny little discussions that she has in her shoe shop and just seemed to take a life of its own.

 Namely the myriad things that shoes have in common with men.

 Yes, she knows, it sounds mad. Especially bearing in mind that most blokes are famed for not having a clue about footwear whatsoever. Though to be fair, the poor souls are to be pitied. As quite apart from anything it is a well know fact that the ability to accessorise is what sets us apart from animals. And seemingly those humans ‘blessed’ with a Y chromosome.

 Anyway, having given it perhaps more thought than was strictly warranted ShoesieQ has come up with her very own Top 10 reasons why shoes are like men:

  1. The ones we fall madly in love with almost invaraibly cause us the most pain. Though perhaps more than any other item on this list there are plenty of exceptions. If you’ve got one there’s a good chance it’s a keeper.

  2. If you go hunting for them you can’t find any you fancy

  3. Size matters. Probably best to leave it at that really. Other than to add that this goes as much for width as it does length 😉

  4. We never settle for the first one we try, even if it’s the best of the bunch

  5. We never fully trust the pretty ones

  6. The ones your mum likes are never the ones you love

  7. You never really know they’ll work out until you take them home

  8. We may have good reliable ones at home, but it’s hard to not have your head turned when you see something you fancy. There’s never any harm in window shopping. As long as you don’t get your purse out!

  9. They need to love you as much as you love them. We all know that unrequited love never ends well.

    and last but very much NOT least

  10. Thinking that they’ll be perfect once you’ve broken them in is almost always a recipe for disaster!


Now ShoesieQ isn’t expecting everyone to agree with every one of these factlets. For starters, her main squeeze, the delightful Dr Swain, isn’t all that impressed with No. 1 tbh. And, in the unlikely event that he is reading this, No. 8 absolutely does not happen. Ever. Not these days at least. But she reckons there can’t be too many women out there who can’t relate to at least one…… 😉