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New shoes (and boots!) for Autumn

23 Sep

Well, as ShoesieQ writes, it seems that the summer is still hanging on. Which bearing in mind that its now pretty much the end of September (!) means just one thing: Strictly Come Dancing is back! Plus, perhaps more pertinently (at least as far as this blog is concerned) it’s time to think about buying some new shoes or, even better, BOOTS!

So, on the off chance that you, dear shoelover, are wondering what you need to look out for in the shops this season, here’s ShoesieQ’s Top 5 trends for AW16:


 1) Toes are having a bit of what fashionistas like to term a “moment” – so you’ll continue to see a few pointy shoes and boots, such as these gorgeous suede courts by Hogl and K&S. But if you look hard you may also spot there’s also a sub-trend of  squared off toes, particularly on biker boots.

2) Chelsea boots. Yes we know, not exactly high fashion, but as always oh so useful, so definitely worth a mention. As you can see from these fin examples by Fly London and Vagabond, this season’s Chelseas they’re a bit more grungy, with a platform and or a bit of a heel rather than the ladylike version we saw so much of last year.


3) Loafers and Lace Ups. These fab shoes by Vagabond, Tamaris and Lilimill respectively are proof, if proof were needed, that Androgeny rules!And as you can see from these pics the most fashionable Oxfords, brogues and lace ups are on a bit of a platform. Which leads us nicely on to……


4) Platforms. Elegant wedges have all but disappeared to be replaced by the resurgence of the Platforms of all depths and sizes, from barely there to full-on 1970s in your face (though there are still plenty of wedge platforms about too – phew!). FYI these utterly gorgeous boots are by Fly London

and then last, but very much NOT least…………


5) Pewter. This is the main trend you’ll see everywhere! Hip Hip Hooray – pewter is very much a Modish favourite! Mainly because it incorporate two things we love more than anything – a bit of subtle shiny-shiny, along with the chameleon-like ability to go with just about any colour under the sun. What’s not to love! NB It’s only fair ro warn you that the Black and Pewter boots above by Fly London are selling like hotcakes, so if you fancy a pair you’ll need to get your skates on!

So, ladies and gentlemen, the great news about Autumn 2016, at least in terms of what we’ll be wearing on our feet, is that there’s something for pretty much everyone. And as doubtless this lovely warm weather will be buggering off shortly, ShoesieQ suggests that you head off and treat yourself to a lovely new pair of shoes or boots ASAP!


Cambridge Style Week 2016 has arrived!

19 Mar

ShoesieQ won’t blather on too much today, doubtless to the relief of many 😉 But she did just want to quickly mention that the rather wonderful Cambridge Style Week is upon us once more. And her shop Modish was delighted to be invited to pair up with our Green Street neighbours OSKA. We hit the catwalk last night and here’s how it went!

PS If you’re quick and at a loose end tonight it looks like there may be one or two tickets left. Here’s the link you need if you fancy going: cambridgestyleweek.com/events




Shoe wars! Which side are you on?

20 Jun

So where do you stand on the big question? No, we’re not talking about the rights and wrongs of staying in Europe, or even what on earth Charles Saatchi’s definition of a heated debate would be if that was a “playful tiff”. No, the question ShoesieQ is referring to is simply this:

 V LoafersBallet pumps

Ballet pumps or Loafers

Now there may be the odd (!) male reader of this blog for whom this question at best elicit a raised eyebrow, or maybe even mutterings along the lines of “Huh?”. But there can’t be too many women out there who wouldn’t be able to instantly, even instinctively, pin her colours to Team Ballet or Team Loafer.

But in the time-honoured fashion of that great fashion guru Harry Hill, which is best? Well, there’s only one way to find out.


£55 £20.35 Aida 3526-162 12C 8SWOk, so let’s start with ballet pumps. Well, they are pretty close to being THE perfect smart-casual option that can worn almost anywhere, from popping to the corner shop to dinner in a fancy restaurant, without looking out of place. And if they’re reasonably well made, they’re usually pretty comfortable for most of us, not to mention super quick to slip on and off, which can be handy……..

But last year the more fashion forward folk started to adopt a new trend, namely the velvet gentleman’s club slipper. This somehow managed to combine a delicious element of loucheness with, oddly enough, the freshness that the ballet pump had when it first came back into fashion a few years ago. Because, lets face it, ballet pumps are EVERYWHERE right now.

So in summary ShoesieQ reckons the case for and against ballet pumps is:


  1. Wide choice of colours
  2. Feminine AND Flat – that elusive, nay, almost impossible combination
  3. Some great variations are now available eg Flatform pumps, espadrille soled etc
  4. Kate Moss STILL wears them 😉


  1. Risk of toe cleavage with the models that are cut low (Ewwwww!)
  2. Makes everyone’s feet look HUGE, esp when worn with skinny jeans
  3. Ubiquitous – which means they’ve been picked up big time by the likes of Primark et al, leading us to the next big minus point…….
  4. Quality often questionable – cardboard soles, bugger all arch support sound familiar anyone?
  5. Not best loved by podiatrists – mainly cos you often have to grip with your toes to keep them on, which oddly enough isn’t great for your feet.

£75 £26 Cyrillia 3508-240 V 12C 8SW (2)So – what about the humble loafer? Well, for some of us the ballet pump is just too girly for words. If you like a bit of androgyny in your wardrobe, or just want to avoid saccharine overload, the loafer is just about perfect. And the fact that there’s a lot more to a loafer (more upper, more support and more structure) they’re a lot kinder to your feet too. But don’t think they’re all about comfort: loafers can be incredibly glamourous and yet not too “try hard” especially if you’re prepared to splash a bit of cash and go with a pair by someone like Gucci or Todds.

But they do require quite a bit more thought for most of us if we want to avoid coming across a bit, well, Miss Marple………….

In summary when it comes to the loafer:


  1. They look a bit edgier and more modern (IF worn with the right outfit)
  2. Tend to be better made than a ballet pump
  3. Almost inevitably comfortable
  4. They’re NOT everywhere!
  5. Podiatrists love them, cos they have more of an upper and therefore stay on your feet
  6. Alexa STILL wears them 😉


  1. A LOT frumpier IF worn with the wrong outfit
  2. Generally less versatile than the ballet pump.
  3. Colours often dull (apart from the slipper versions)
  4. Can be heavy and clumpy (though sometimes that’s what makes them look great!)

So I’m afraid the jury’s out on this particular Battle of the Titans.  ShoesieQ suggests that you should simply chose your style tribe and wear with pride!

As for yours truly, well she’s ducked the issue entirely this year and gone for these babies by Vagabond, which is just about as close to a hybrid ballet loafer as you can get 😉